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Hyper Value

Product Preview

Model : @2430 / @3040 / @4050
Plate Making : @ 2430 = 24 x 30 inch (610 x 762 mm)
@ 3040 = 30 x 40 inch (762 x 1016 mm)
@ 4050 = 40 x 50 inch (1016 x 1270 mm)
Exposure + Treatment Unit (ET) + Washout + Drying Unit (WD)

Features of Exposure unit

Instant light up Philips high intensity lamps
Unique digital timers for back/main exposure
Excellent lamps cooling / exhausting system
Quick vacuum drawdown pump with indicator

Features of Washout unit

Flat washout unit 3 in 1 for easy access
Special bristle good for all kind plates wash
Automatic control of temperature precisely
Excellent result for 200 LPI 1% reproduction

Features of Drying unit

Drying Drawer with uniform heat Distribution
Temp. Adjustable by a precise Controller
Unique Air Circulation and Exhaustion Design
Over Heat sensor for Safety & Protection

Anti-Track Treatment Flexo

Chemical Free Operation, Simple Easy & Safe
Digital Timer for light Finishing time Control
Equiping With Philips High Intensity Lamps
With Powerfull Air Exhausting for Bad Odour

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