About Innovative

Innovative Flexotech Pvt Ltd is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of high speed Innovative Flexo Plate. Established in the year 2010, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Having global operations and loyal clients all over the world, we are one stop shop for all your high quality printing needs and requirements. Right from 6 color Innovative Flexo Plate to four color flexographic printing machine, we have all types of flexo printing machines for your various printing needs. We have been able to establish ourselves as an eminent organization in this industry in a short span of few years. And the credit of our growing success and goodwill, most essentially, goes to the supremacy and the brilliance we deliver in our products and services. We are able to achieve this excellence by continuous enhancement and improvement in our technical skills and products. We keep ourselves abreast with the latest technology and trends in the industry so that we can bring to you the most reliable and quality products.

Our wide range of high performing products and services have helped us establish a genuine and long-lasting collaboration with various industries including printing and packaging, retail and automobiles. We take pride in the fact that our clientele has been loyal to us for years and the number of clients from various industries has been growing by leaps and bounds. Variation in processes, innovation in ideas as well as the design and development, quality in operations and thorough industry knowledge are the key forces that help us in accomplishing our mission. With the help of these virtues we have been able to build a brand which has earned the love, trust and respect of our esteemed clients. We strive to manufacture Innovative Flexo Platethat meet the international standards of quality when it comes to designing and development. All our flexo printing press machines are excellent and high-end products which make use of cutting edge technology. Our machinery largely focuses on effortless operation and creation through innovation. ThatĘs why our products and machines are demanded all over the world by printing and packaging industries and other partner networks.

Besides an organised and evolutionary approach, we leverage state of the art infrastructure to develop technologically advanced products. Our team of skilled professionals is highly talented and well experienced. They exploit the latest technologies to the fullest and bring to you top-notch,high quality and cost effective flexo printing machines.These machines function to their optimum best and produce rich results therefore, they are a profitable investment for years to come.

In addition to our superlative products, our ethical business practices are an added virtue that has empowered us to win the faith and loyalty of the clients and to muster a vast clientele across the globe. At Innovative Flexotech, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering perfection!

Why choose us?

At Innovative FlexoTech, we guarantee perfection that your printing needs! We are proud to showcase high quality and high speed Innovative Flexo Plate that match your printing requirements. Latest technology and highest quality are the key forces that drive our organisation.
We implement innovation in our processes, ensure international standards of quality in our products and keep ourselves updated with the latest technological know-how in the field of printing.We work on three principles:-
1:-We perform an HONEST evaluation of your needs.
2:-We ensure economic and fair pricing of our products.
3:-We deliver what we commit within the deadlines.
Our flexo printing machines have carried the tradition of excellence so far and we will continue to spread our goodwill across the industry.

Our Expertise

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all types of flexo printing machines. All our Innovative Flexo Plate are economically efficient and promise high precision printing. Our repeated orders and our loyal customer base shows our confidence in manufacturing Innovative Flexo Plate.
Since our inception, we also have hands on experience on Central drum flexo press machinery and Central impression flexo machinery.
Flexo printing is turning out to be the most sought-after requirement in the market. And so we fully optimize our existing production facility to meet the increasing demands from our customers. Our various years of valuable experience have enabled us to produce flexographic press machines that are equipped with a central drum for long, short and medium runs. Our variety in press designs satisfies various printing needs.
Meeting high levels of technical advancement and innovation, our flexo printing machines are robust and come with excellent drying capacity.
Quality flexo printing at high speeds is our assurance to our clients.



We leverage state of the art infrastructure to develop technologically advanced products and high precision machinery. Optimum quality and efficiency is guaranteed in all our flexo printing machines owing to the skilled human resources and abilities.
At Innovative Flexotech, we deal in high modern day flexo printing presses which offer state-of-the-art high speed and match international quality.

Quality Policy

We are committed to quality!
Innovative Flexotech Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We believe that strategic planning and quality compliance are integral to a companyĘs success. Hence, we strive to comply to the best quality standards at every level in our organisation. Right from procuring material, testing, manufacturing to the final output-we strive for perfection and highest standards of quality.
At Innovative Flexotech, we go over and above the traditional quality standards while also keeping in mind continuous quality improvement and defect prevention.
At Innovative Flexotech, we go over and above the traditional quality standards while also keeping in mind continuous quality improvement and defect prevention.
At Innovative Flexotech Pvt Ltd, we print perfection!

About Founder

Mr. Alpesh Thakar
Just as the name of his enterprise suggests, the man excels in innovation! Deep understanding of the nuances of the industry, staunch focus and charismatic leadership are the foundations of Innovative Flexotech Industries. The unmistakable vision and a strong mission that the founder Mr. Alpesh Thakar brings to the sector, has made a huge positive impact on the Flexo industry. As a true visionary, he has not only established the company and significantly influenced its operations, he has also set new standards of performance and delivery for the other firms in this industry.
He is not alone in this pursuit of perfection.He works with a team of highly talented and skilled professionals who have made exceptional contributions to this industry. Every painstaking effort taken by Mr Alpesh Thakar and his team has led to remarkable results. He has helped in bringing about a revolution in this industry setting high benchmarks for others in the industry. His focus and perseverance, to deliver the best products to his clients, is unmatched and praiseworthy.

Our Mission

At Innovative FlexoTech, we aspire to be recognized as leaders in technology who are not just change oriented but also proactive in adopting and initiating new technologies bringing uniqueness to the flexo printing marketplace. Along with the team of skilful & well-qualified professionals, the mission of Innovative Flexotech Pvt Ltd is to achieve complete customer satisfaction and happiness by offering the best in class and high precision products.

our Vision

We believe in bringing innovation and excellence to you through simplicity, not complexity. Our vision is to make significant contribution to the industry that is truly important and meaningful to the customers. We wish to empower clients through our rich entrepreneurial skills and ethics.
Above all, we have always stood strong on company values and ethical business practices this has enabled us to set benchmarks across the globe.